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Aamir Khan Is Back In The Movie Mogul

Mogul which is going to be the biopic of Gulshan Kumar is again back to work after Aamir Khan returns as the lead character of the movie. The movie was expected to start very earlier but it delayed after Aamir Khan left the movie. Subhash Kapoor is the director of the movie and till now, Aamir is the only cast reported. ‘other casts would be selected by Kapoor Ji’ said Aamir in his interview with the Hindustan Times.

The incident started when Subhash Kapoor was found in a sexual harassment case during the me-too movement. after that, Aamir said in his tweet that he cannot work with someone guilty of such crime. This is what he said in his Tweet.

After that, he left the movie and being a producer, he went to other actors for the lead cast. Akshay Kumar was his first choice, then he went to Varun Dhawan and Kapil Sharma. No one agreed for the role and at the end, he accepted to do the lead role. Gulshan Kumar’s son himself went to Aamir and other actors to agree to perform the lead cast in the movie but all the answers were a ‘no’.

He agreed for the movie because, after the incidence, Subhash was getting no work from anywhere in the industry. After his communication with the Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association about how Kapoor shouldn’t be punished before the court, he is ready to do the lead cast. Shubash Kapoor will still direct the movie Mogul. The shooting is expected to start just after Aamir is done with his current project on Laal Singh Chaddha. No other information has been given from any of the director or Aamir. ‘Rest of the cast will be appointed very soon’ said the director of Mogul, Subhash Kapoor.

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