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Aamir Khan Emotional After Watching Katti Batti Climax But Fans Merciless on Twitter

Aamir Khan Cry

Before we move on to the topic of discussion can I ask you a simple question? Does mercy still exists in this country? I know your answer must be ‘Yes, it does’ and some of you might be thinking what a crazy question am I talking about isn’t? But believe me guys after reading this non sense quotes by some of the crazy fans on twitter you’ll actually feel like to ask the same question which I have asked you’ll. Check this, the news started rolling on to the social networking website soon after the perfectionist super star of Bollywood who was recently seen in his mega block buster ‘Pk’, indeed we are talking about the one n only ‘Aamir Khan who’s nothing but a little kid from his heart and of course a stunning entertainer of Bollywood. However his innocence took a turn that made him cry a second time soon after watching his nephew Imran Khan’s ‘Katti Batti’ climax. That’s really strange isn’t? But none of his loving fans ever thought that his natural crying nature would take a merciless picture in front of the Bollywood fans on Twitter. Yes, what you read is actually true, in fact we do have an evidence for the same, have a look here..

As per the sources it is said that – “Director Nikhil Advani has confirmed this and was quoted as saying to NDTV that Aamir cried in the last 22 minutes of the movie and that he had to sit with a box of tissues to let him wipe his tears. And he would cry everytime he sat on the edit table“– As per the sources. Have a look below..

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So, can you tell me how do you feel after reading this? Isn’t feels like the fans or the audience who have been quote like anything are making fun of him? Yes, they are. Nobody in this entire world are same, none of us have a same kind of behavior, some cry quickly and some does not. But in the end to make fun of such innocence is actually called as a man without a heart.

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