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A Bollywood version of ‘Transporter: Refueled’ is on the cards.

Movie bosses are looking to remake the latest Hollywood blockbuster – from the franchise that made English action star Jason Statham famous – and are seeking an “A-list director” to head-up the project, having already shortlisted the lead actors.

An insider told The Mirror newspaper that movie bosses are “actively looking at an Indian adaptation of this highly popular franchise and scouting for A-grade action talent like Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar or Varun Dhawan for the Hindi film.”

The Hollwood film centres on a story of human trafficking and follows lead character Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) as he transports classified packages for dodgy people, and is side-tracked when Anna (Loan Chabanol) orchestrates a bank heist and kidnaps his father.

Details for Bollywood’s remake will be finalised by early next year.

The idea for the adaptation sprouted from the growing popularity for Hollywood films dubbed by Asian actors in Indian cinema.

Hollywood’s ‘Transporter: Refueled’ is out September 4.

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