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8 Reasons to watch ‘Saaho’ Movie

Jeetu Likhar



Saaho_teaserA man uses an arsenal of weapons to battle a gang of heavily armed thugs in the city. With the city under fire and people’s lives at risk, the one man has to give everything he has got to take the city back.

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor.

Many of us already know that Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor are sharing screens for the first time. These two will also be seen romancing with action together, which would be very interesting to watch for the audience from South to North. It is being said that Prabhas has given voice in Hindi itself.


Powerful Villain.

A villain has a special role in action films from Bollywood to Hollywood. Due to a powerful villain, the audience’s interest remains in the film till the last but in the film Saaho, one can see the powerful villains such as Jackie Shroff, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Arun Vijay, and Mahesh Manjrekar.

Villain In Saaho

Villain In Saaho

Energetic Action

The movie Saaho is being described as the biggest Indian action movie ever and a glimpse teaser is already being seen. Most of its action sequences are real and real shoots. Prabhas is leaving no stone unturned for his next film. Believe it or not, Prabhas has said no to ‘body doubles’ and has decided to perform all the risky stunts by himself. Looks like the actor knows that Bates is the perfect person and he is in safe hands. Would you dare do this?

Action In Saaho

Action In Saaho

Underwater Daredevil!

Is there anything Prabhas can’t do? After climbing a huge mountain in ‘Baahubali’, the actor will now be seen doing some phenomenal, thrilling underwater stunts. Just for one particular scene, he has learned to scuba dive. One look at his dedication and we can say that Prabhas is the next Mr. Perfectionist!

Neil Nitin Mukesh VS Prabhas.

It’s going to be an interesting watch for sure. Prabhas will be pitted against Neil Nitin Mukesh, who plays the antagonist in the film. Neil, who last impressed us in ‘Wazir’ and ‘Players’ as a negative character, will be seen donning the villainous hat once again. Maybe this role will change Neil’s image as an actor forever.

Actor Neil Nitin Mukes And Prabhas

Actor Neil Nitin Mukes And Prabhas

Outstanding VFX.

Movie Bahubali and Level 2.0’s VFX movie has been used in Saaho. Let me tell you that the highest expenditure in this film is in VFX and Action Sequence.

Spectacular characters.

Just like Film’s Sholay and Bahubali, in the movie Saaho, you will get a glimpse of not two characters but many great characters like Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Nil Nitin Mukesh, Murli Sharma and many more amazing actors.

Already Made 350 crores.

While it was shot on a budget of 150 crores, if market reports are to be believed, the film has already minted 350 crores from its distribution rights. But isn’t this expected from Prabhas’s films? We are hoping ‘Saaho’ breaks a few box office records as well.


Although Jeetu Likhar grew up with strict parents and was never allowed to have videogames or consoles at home, his relationship with gaming started at a young age through social interactions at gaming centres and his friends houses. With the advent of social media and the internet, he fell in love with gaming and movies even more because of how strong the bond of the online community was. Although now he is married with two kids, a beautiful job, and a comfortable job at a bank, gaming will always hold a special place in his heart.