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7 Places where you can catch Bollywood Celebs

7 Places where can you catch Bollywood Celebs

Bollywood celebs are not seen everywhere. Even in Mumbai, which is the hub of these celebrities, it becomes difficult to spot them. However, if you love these stars and the industry fondly known as Bollywood, you should know the places wherein they hangout. One of the best places to find them are the food joints and restaurants, which are known for catering quality food wherein they enjoy irresistible food and have gala time with friends and close ones. Let’s check the top 7 places wherein you can catch the B town celebs as under:

1). Bombay Baking Company in Juhu

This is perhaps one of the best place, which are visited by most of the B Town celebrities wherein they are seen having their guilty pleasures and cheat days as well. Here they are seen satiating them than BBC over the JW Marriott in Juhu.

2). Exo, Palladium

Here, you can only find the celebs only when you have bigger events like Lakme Fashion Week and similar events. If you happen to visit this luxury hotel in any such days, you are lucky to find them around, and catch the selfies with them to flaunt at your social media profiles.

3). Fat Man’s Cafe in Bandra

This is one of the best places wherein you can catch up them up with your friends trying various delicious dishes all around. Fat Man’s Cafe, Bandra  happens to be the favourite place for Alia Bhatt and if you are lucky enough to visit this place, you are ought to find her with her friends.

4). Hakkasan in Bandra

This is indeed one of the best places, which has surfaced of late at the popular suburb in Bandra. It has won the hearts of almost all the Bollywood celebs along with other celebrities. This is a perfect Chinese food joint, wherein you can enjoy loads of Chinese dishes without any delay and disturbance.

5). Prithvi Cafe in Juhu

This is a place wherein you can find B Town celebs discussing a movie story. This is one of the most quintessential Bollywood cafes, which gives sight to a number of Bollywood actors.

6). Olive Bar & Kitchen, Khar

This is perhaps one of the vital places to find out stars in a large numbers. You can find a number of celeb studded parties here.

7). Tryst, Lower Parel

Everyone likes clubbing especially the younger lots of Bollywood novices like Shraddha Kapoor. Such actors from B Town are often seen in the premises of Tryst having legs moving.

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