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7 Hidden Facts about Shruti Hasaan

shruti-hassan hidden facts

The legendary actor Kamal Hassan is known to have two daughters Shruti and Aksara Hassan. Today, his elder daughter has turned 27 and is celebrating her big day in a unique style by interacting with her fans all across India and world. The actress is known as bold, beautiful and incredible, thanks to the blend of beauty and brain, which has in her persona attracting a number of filmmakers to her. Well, how about exploring the 7 hidden facts about Shruti Hassan as under:

1). Multi-talented

She is not just known to be an actor but also has been known as a multi-talented diva in the industry. She is a good singer, competent music composer, known actress and hot model.

2). Debut in singing at 5 years of age

When she started singing, she barely knew the meaning and significance of it. Hence when she made her debut in singing, she was barely five years of age, which she sung with her father Kamal Hassan for the film Chachi 420 in a duet.

3). Hold professional degree in Music

Though she comes from a competent family of actor and musician, she went to the United States to enrol in a musical program to get professional degree in Music from the competent Musicians Institute in California.

4). Vocalist par excellent

She is not only a competent actor or singer, but also happens to be a vocalist par excellent. She does the job of a competent vocalist at a rock band called The Extramentals. She is popular for giving her voice in pop music and rock jazz.

5). Her Cameo

The talented actress made her acting with a cameo role playing the daughter of Vallabhbhai Patel in one of the popular film called Hey Ram, which was seen getting translated into eight languages from the original Tamil version.

6). Fetish for shoes

She is known for her obsession for a number of types of shoes. She has more than 100 pair of shoes, which she simply loves to flaunt around when seen in her friend circle.

7). Her Favourite brands

She simply loves to shot at Guess and Aldo, while when we talk about cosmetics, her favourite simply include Benefit and Mac.

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