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19th January talks about the pains of Kashmiri Pandits

sanjay amar in 19th Janurary

Sanjay Amar is known for producing his debut movie Future To Bright Hai Ji, which unfortunately went average over the box office. Despite having veteran actors like Mahesh Bhatt, Asrani, Satish Kaushik, Aamir Bashir, etc. the movie failed to garner good response over the box office. However, he managed to impress the audience with his effective way of storytelling along with the audience.

After his debut movie, he made another called Identity Card, which is directed by Rahat Kazmi, which again went average over the box office but gained a good feedback from the critics and a number of film festivals. He is currently doing his next movie called 19th January, which talks about the fateful day of Kashmiri Pandits wherein they were forced to leave their lands in the year 1990.  Just two weeks before, Amar finished his last schedule of the film, which means his movie is in its post production stage. The movie is produced by Mumtaz Ahmad, Deepmala Tanwar and Sanjay Amar, which has the known actors like K K Raina and Deepti Naval in it.

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