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7 Bollywood actresses who died Mysteriously

Everybody who enters the B Town is not often lucky enough to enter the stardom and many end up taking even their lives. Some choose struggle but others would let their live go astray. The B Town is filled with a number of such examples when ladies in the industry has led their lives or have lost the same in a very mysterious condition, let’s check some of the B Town actresses or aspiring ladies who led their lives in a mysterious ways:

1). Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan

The B Town actress and model Jiah Khan did a couple of movies but had been facing tough life in her personal life hence took her away her own life by committing suicide in her apartment. Though at one got it seemed to be a matter of suicide but the investigators is not ruling out the angle of murder as well as Aditya Pancholi was to be blamed for her death.

2). Taruni Sachdev

Taruni Sachdev

She was known as Rasna Girl and was among the promising girls in B Town but she wasn’t that luck to survive the plane crash. While leaving for Nepal she hugged her friends and said may be this could be her last time and it proved out to be the same. She was also seen Big B in one of the ads in the film Paa with the megastar.

3). Nafisa Ali

Nafisa Ali

Nafisa Ali was a popular VJ  and a struggling actress in Bollywood but she ended up everything by committing suicide when she was barely of age of 26. As per reports, she was supposed to get married to a businessman Gautam Khanduja in a few weeks’ time but a spat with Khanduja pushed her to take such decision.

4). Smita Patil

Smita Patil

Smita was among most gorgeous and talented actresses of all time. She was known for choosing unique movies but died in the year of 1986 at a tender age of 31 years when she gave birth to Pratik Babbar.

5). Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi

She is among the first Indian actress to grace the Time Magazine cover, however, she was unfortunate to get a lonely death on 22ndJanuary, 2005. Once a glam doll, she left the mortal world starving to death claims the doctors. As per rumors she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and often felt that someone is conspiring to kill her at all times.



She was among the greatest and most glamorous actresses of her time in Bollywood. She was known to give unbeatable performances with incredible smile that had captured millions of hearts. The legendary actress however died at the age of 36 as the doctors felt that she was alcoholic that took her life.

7). Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti

She was young and vivacious in Bollywood but her life went away when she fell down from her apartment over the concrete floor. Was it a suicide, accident or murder, the mystery still continues as she was noticed under the influence of alcohol.

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