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5 Worst Bollywood Movies of All Time

If you talk about the Indian film Industry commonly known as Bollywood, it produces more than thousand movies a year. Though there are few worthy films to catch but few of them are too weird to catch over the silver screen. Thanks to the weird acts, improper stories and poor performances, it becomes really unacceptable for many of us to consider. Sometimes we have movies that are too bad to catch despite having higher star values, which make us call it to be the worst Bollywood movies of all time. How about catching the five worst Bollywood films of all time in the following:
1). Veer
The Salman Khan starrer movie claimed to have much in the B Town, however, it had many things that went indigestible that turned out to be a torture for the audience. Right from the looks of Salman Khan to the lady in the lead role with extra body weight and many more things.
2). The ‘Housefull’ Series
The ‘Housefull’ Series
Needless to say that Sajid Khan is known to be the most weird filmmaker in B Town. Every film has its own story of non-sense and weird things that becomes really hard to digest kind of films in B Town. Well, we can certainly call the Housefull Series to be worst film for having the worst kind of film content and other things.
3). Kambakkht Ishq
Kambakkht Ishq
This is among the worst film to catch in B Town. It was vulgar, it had no story, it had poor performances and many more things that have made things bad to worse for the film for sure.
4). Mela
The film starring Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna. It was the flop film in the career of Aamir Khan which also had his brother Faisal Khan in it. Many described the film to be bad and worse for many things, wonder why Aamir did this film. Many feel it was his brother, he accepted the movie.
5). Love Story 2050
Love Story 2050
If you have seen this film, you would wonder what Harry Baweja had tried to give to the audience, may be he is looking to give another film to his son Harman Baweja and failed to shape his career unlike other B Town star kids. Poor Harman had to lose his career with such flop films and yes his weird acting as well.
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