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5 Things We No Longer See In Bollywood Films

Change is the most constant factor to be witnessed in anybody’s life. The Bollywood films are no exception. The formula loving movies to have to concede to its demands. The B Town films have been always witnessed with a constant change taking place in it. Hence many of the elements, which seemed to be important to the scenes of Bollywood now are not seen. How about catching up the 5 things which we used to see in earlier movies but not in today’s B Town film, have a look.
1). The Body Heat 

03no longer see movie3

We used to see the snow and rain in the bygone films and the only best way to rescue the ladies was to give them comfort was the body heat that often remained twist element in the Bollywood films. These cozy scenes have disappeared so no more body heat given to the ladies who seemed to get some when they are wet in the cold and shower weather.
2). The Face in the Letter 
The Face in the Letter bollywood things
Remember the long letters the characters used to leave behind while they are out of scene and out of mind, we used to see the faces in the letter. These faces remained the best way to express the emotions to addressed person reading the same. But now, we do not see such things, thanks to the advent of smartphones and similar other things that remain the part of the modern day films.
3). Geeta Ki Kasam 
Geeta Ki Kasam
There scenes in the courtroom when the reverently folded sacred book in a red cloth remained too often in the bygone films. However, those over dramatic courtroom quarrels after the Geeta Ki Kasam seems to have vanished from the modern day courtroom drama films.
4). The Crowd Behind Songs catching up the shoot 
03no longer see movie4
We used to see a good gathering behind the songs that were shot in public places in the old Bombay city in the bygone movies, however, it has disappeared from the modern day movies. Now, we do not see such crowd waiting to catch the glimpse of the stars who are busy shooting in public places.
5). Philosophy spewing baba

Philosophy spewing baba

Remember Fakirs and the Babas who used to give sermons and words of wisdom to the main characters in the previous films in B Town? Well, do you have seen them around in the modern day films, well you don’t as they have disappeared now.
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