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5 Special Memes with New series of Indian Idol

Amidst all the melodramatic TV shows that only showcased the vamp and the cat fight among women of different classes, then came the era of reality shows that turned an instant hit when embarked at the small screen. This certainly included the TV show called Indian Idol that carried forward the hunt for talents in singing. With every season, it had talented individuals that joined the stardom some survived some disappeared in the competitive world. Well, once again we see the new series of Indian Idol coming back over the small screens. In the era of social media, we see the memes of the new series, how about checking them as under:
1). The Indian Idol Auction From the Introvert Guy At Indian Idol Audition 
Contestant – Main Itna Gharib Hu ki PUBG Main bhi Chicken Nahi Milta Mujhe
Anu Malik– You are coming to Bombay To get selected in Indian Idol you need to prove that you are poor.
2). Got it Right You have Milk – Make a Tea how Modi Made, now you have match box make Anu Malik out it! So, if  you have a biopic made on the life of Anu Malik it can be named as Aag Laga De ga Tu.
3). Catch this meme and like A contestant saying – my father is a rickshaw driver, the next you can easily understand what Anu Malik has to say.. yes you guessed it right.
4). Its in England 
Contestant – We can spin well
Neha Kakar – You can come to Mumbai
Contestant – But the match is in England
Every poor man or talented doesnt have to come to Mumbai
5). You must be knowing this 
So, how did you manage to come to Mumbai this long way.
Well simple, de dana dan daud ke.. (Came running always the way to Bombay)
Wrapping Up
So, which one is your favorite, do let us know by commenting on the same and stay tuned we have more such stuff for your to bring on a regular basis. Enjoy!

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