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5 South Indian Actors Who Earn More than Bollywood Stars

It were days when the South Indian films were taken for granted by people when compared to the B Town. The films were made with lots of action like a superhero in it, while many of the films with such action turned out to be a huge mess as they appeared more like a comedy than a serious films. Many of the films from South India have earned huge when compared to the Bollywood films. So, when compared to these films the South Indian actors are well paid and they earn more than the Bollywood actors. How about exploring the list of 5 South Indian Actors Who Earn More than Bollywood Stars as under:
1). Rajnikanth 

Rajnikanth takes the filmmakers to courtHe barely needs any introduction when it comes to South Indian films. He is called the God of South Indian industry. He has done a number of movies and every moving coming at the South Indian industry seems to have done a huge business at the box office. He makes 50 to 60 crores per film.

2). Kamaal Hasan 

Kamal hassan

He has acted both in the B Town and South Indian films and is often called as a one man army when it comes to performance and professionalism. He earns big with his films and every time he does a movie he makes around 20 to 30 crore per film.
3). Prabhas
PrabhasHD Wallpapers
We have seen him in both the films B Town and South Indian films. Before Baahubali he used to charge minimal as his fees for working in the films. But with the advent of the said movie he now earns big. He charges around 25 to 30 crore per film.
4). Surya
Unlike Prabhas, he is also seen in several movies in the South and is known to earn big when it comes to charging for his films. He earns around 25 to 30 crores per film.
5). Joseph Vijay
Vijay hd wallpaper
He has been often seen in various South Indian films and is known to have earned big over his films. As per reports, he earns around 25 to 30 crore per film, which is huge amount for him
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