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5 Sex Mistakes to Avoid

Before you think of considering any sex counselling, it’s time to see your sex life in a different way. Well, the fact is you could be committing mistakes while having sex. Let’s check the 5 sex mistakes, which you could be making while having sex with your partner. Let’s explore the 5 sex mistakes as indicated below:

1). nooky Start in a Bedroom

There are many men who feel that sex starts with bed and doing things like switching off the light, etc. However, it is better to start with hugging, kissing and holding hands much before you go to your bed. Spend some time in having fun and appreciate her. Feeling secured in a relationship is a key for every woman to let loose during the sex claims the experts. A tight and long hug can go far than you ever think. Hugging for around half a minute can help in stimulating oxytocin, which is a hormone that helps in creating sense of trust and connection.

2). Assuming that You know what she wants

Unlike a number of women who are known for faking orgasm, if she fails to enjoy herself you may fail to know it. Don’t shy away to pose questions like how do you feel this way or are you interested in having something different, well in other words, do ask questions. Remember there is no sex food, which will help you rather doing things correctly will save you.

3). Always Stick To Your Plan

If something has worked thrice it is certainly going to work the coming three times claims the sex therapist. However, what turns would purely depend upon your partner’s mood and her monthly cycle. Keep in mind that her genitals are less tingly and nipples are more sensitive claims the experts. So start paying attention towards your partner. You can find women complaining that men usually move to the next level once they start enjoying the activity.

4). Keep it Simply Practical

Make your idea of foreplay go for a long haul. There are certain men who focus on physical stimulation while ignore the mental stimulation claims the experts. Though men are seen getting stirred up with the things they see, but women are seen fantasising a lot during having the sex and call it as the part of arousal.

5). Skipping Seduction

Women love to be seduced hence seduction can be called as an important strategy. It helps to understand what your partner likes- visual, mental or oral. Take time to flirt her with certain foreplay things. Once you start doing this, women too are seen waking up and trying different things.

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