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5 Sex Mistakes Men Commit

5 nooky Mistakes Men Commit
5 nooky Mistakes Men Commit

With a bit of changes in your way of carrying out your sexual life, men can make a great difference. Amidst their usual practice of sex, there lays a number of mistakes, which hampers the intensity of the pleasure men enjoy with sex. The following are some of the mistakes men tend to commit. How about checking them as under:

Your nooky Starts in The Bedroom

A number of men turns over like a light, however, for women arousal doesn’t really happen that fast claims the experts. Pave the way during the day by simply kissing, hugging and holding hands. Better have some fun together and make sure you appreciate her. Feeling safe and secure in the relationship can be called as a key for a woman in order to really let loose during sex claims expert. A long hug can stimulate oxytocin, which is a hormone in women, which creates sense of connection and trust.

Just like a number of women are seen faking up orgasm today like two or three decades before, hence if you are not enjoying her you would not know it. Don’t be shy in asking question, how this feels or do you really want something different. In Other words, you need to ask for the directions.

Stick To Your Plan

Do not think that if it worked the first three times, it will even work for the coming times claims the expert. What really turns her on could rely on her mood and where she is in her current monthly cycle. It could be due to the sensitive sense that can be sensed in her nipples or her genitals that tend to become less tingly. At such junctures, you need to pay attention to your partner and trying different things to see how she responds. Once you find what works in your women keep trying rather switching to the other one.

Strictly Keep it Physical

Explore upon your idea of foreplay. Some of the men are seen focusing on the physical stimulation and often seen ignoring mental stimulation claims expert. While men get stripped up when they see and women fantasize loads of sex as a process of arousal. So better join to share a fantasy or alluring memory.

Skip the Seduction

Women simply love to be seduced and it is as important as other technique claims the expert. It allows you to know the kind of turn-on your partners likes- be it oral, visual or mental. Do you find your partner liking the idea of talking about dirty stuff over the phone or text? At such junctures, trace your finger slowly over her breast and start flirting with her.

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