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5 reasons why watching Bigg Boss is harmful to your common sense

Bigg Boss is harmful: The television industry’s most loved and controversial show, Bigg Boss, is on the first floor of TRP. This show is not only in Hindi but also in other religious languages. And then the audience is also different. Most often, TV actors participate in the show, entertain people with their daily soaps, then come to the show and dance on the roof. The audience gets involved so much to support their favorite contestants that sometimes they even lose their temper. Yes, you read that correctly, if you enjoy watching Bigg Boss, you will undoubtedly lose your senses.

Bigg Boss is harmful: There are some such reasons, and if you are a frequent social media user, you must have noticed this after reading the comments. People, whether Bigg Boss creators or fans, continue to share small glimpses of Bigg Boss on their channels. And then there are strong fans who support their respective contestants. Whereas much quarrel is not seen in the house, Fans are doing more in the comment section than that.

And the saddest part is that all those who make noise in the comment box are not getting anything, they just lose their temper. But those who are inside the house eat free food, sleep, and fight for content, and they get paid for it. 

Bigg Boss is harmful

1) We used to lose our temper while supporting our favorite contestant: 

Everyone likes to watch Bigg Boss and people of all categories like to watch this show. And not only outside, but in our house also every member supports different contestants. And while supporting them, the second round of Bigg Boss happens in the house. And the second thing, those who like to read comments while watching the video, must have seen that people write anything in the comments to support their contestants to anyone even if they don’t know each other. 

2) Disrespecting: 

Bigg Boss is harmful Disrespecting

You receive absolutely no value from the show. Look at what Bigg Boss 16 is peddling in the name of entertainment before you get up to debate how fun the program is: hostility, bullying, violent behavior, etc. It most likely reduces your IQ by perpetuating conflicts and spreading negativity.

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Bigg Boss full of fickle relationships

Bigg Boss full of fickle relationships
Bigg Boss full of fickle relationships

Bigg Boss has created several famous couples, including Payal Rohatgi and Rahul Mahajan and Upen Patel, and Karishma Tanna. But after the show is over, the majority of them split up. Relationships in the Bigg Boss house have evolved into a method of gaining popularity, and viewers may learn from this show to view all relationships in a superficial light, even though this isn’t realistic or healthy.

Bigg Boss is harmful: Create aggressive fights: 

Create aggressive fights 
Bigg Boss is harmful Create aggressive fights

Bigg Boss is harmful: The entire content of the show arises from the aggressive fight. There is no peaceful place in this world for shouting, violence, and verbal abuse except in the house of Bigg Boss. From Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam’s fight in Bigg Boss 16 to the viral video of Pooja acting aggressively while kicking a trash can, the show normalizes violent behavior, which is surely not a good lesson to learn in life.

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