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5 Reasons Why Pari Is Not the Usual Horror movie

The B Town actress Anushka Sharma seems to have hooked with the screamers along with the trailer or the upcoming film Pari. Conflicting about the meaning of that title, which 29-year-old actress is simply nothing like any angel. She is seen taken to the avatar of being scary. The film is all set to hit the theatres on 2nd March. How about talking about the 5 reasons why Pari is not just any kind of other film, check the 5 reasons.

1). Anushka Sharma the stunning the backbone of the film

The actress Anushka Sharma seems to have given us several movies. After showcasing off her caliber in two different films under the home production including NH10 and Phillauri, and now she is back with her third venture known as Pari. The trailer proves that she has given the best performance.

2). Fierce Horror

pari movie

THe B Town horror films are often a laughing stock as many would confuse whether the film is horror or simply a comedy terror. However, the movies mostly would give a touch of the sensuous element to it. These films simply focuses on the horror element but at the same time is seen with the explicit content to get the eyeballs. However, the film Pari, simply focuses on Horror and a must watch for everyone.

3). Best Background Music

Music makes or mars the film made with horror genre. However, with Pari, the story is simply the pleasing when it comes to the background score. It has been killing one that can have its incredible impact over the film

4). Incredible VFX Effects

Incredible VFX Effects

Unlike the Music, VFX also play a vital role in making any movie smoothing and interesting. It gives the best effects and thanks to the best and skilled software professionals most of the time you would get the most authentic feel and effects in the film with the VFX effects.

5). Out of the Box Promotion

The film has some of the best teasers and scary videos released time and again to promote the movie. These have been both interesting and incredible for the makers to give to the audience.

So, what do you say, are you catching this film this weekend.

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