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5 Popular Hollywood Disastrous Movie Mistakes that are to so visible

The art of filmmaking is really hard to master. It involves loads of hard work, impeccable planning and good amount of risk to see the final product coming flawless. You got to take care of the background to make it free from any flaw but as human tends to make mistake filmmaking is certainly not an exception. We get to see movies to be made with mistakes as there are loads to focus so making any mistake that remains till the last even seen in the final product is no more a surprising thing to catch. How about checking the 5 popular movie mistakes that are as visible as under:

1). Pirates of the Caribbean with a man with Cowboy Hat & White T Shirt


If you have seen the first part of the film Pirates of Caribbean there was a mistake that went viral. Well, we get to see a man behind the scene with a cowboy hat & a white Tee looking at the sea. Though it is hard to notice but when it becomes visible it hampers the film quality.

2). Gladiator – A Gas tank


If you check the film Gladiator, you can find a gas tank once the chariot fells. Well, perhaps for you it will be the most simplest thing to remain visible in this scene.

3). Troy – An Aero plane in one scene

Troy – An Aero plane in one scene

In the film called Troy which showcases the 3000 BC period drama, we get to see an aero plane at the background. It can be called as the biggest failure in this list.

4). The Lord of the Rings – A wrist watch

The Lord of the Rings – A wrist watch

If you check the movie The Lord of the Rings, you get to find Gandalf having a wrist watch in a war sequence. Wondering whether such watches were available during those days!

5). Transformers – Camera reflection over the vehicle :

During one of the action sequences found in the film called Transformers, we get to see the reflection of a camera on the truck.

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