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5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Pregnant Before their Marriage

In B Town we got to see many hurriedly arranged marriages which soon announced the advent of their babies. Well, we are talking about the B Town celebs who got married only to shield the news of getting pregnant before getting married. Their announcement for the baby has surprised many giving the message that they had pre marital sex and they got married only to secure the lost dignity. Anyway, how about exploring the list of 5 top actresses who got pregnant before getting married as under:

1). Konkona Sen Sharma:

Konkona Sen Sharma

The talented actress was in news when she was dating her boyfriend Ranveer Shorey. They got hurriedly married as Sen got pregnant and soon the couple announced their first baby making the scene clear, however the couple are no more together as they have separated.

2). Anoushka Shankar:

Anoushka Shankar

She is the daughter of Sitarist Ravi Shankar who was seen dating with the British filmmaker called Joe Wright. She soon got pregnant and married his man in 2010 and within a month she had the baby.

3). Mahima Choudhary:

Mahima Choudhary

Yes you heard it right, the yesteryear Actress Mahima Choudhary was seen getting pregnant before her marriage.

4). Sridevi:


She is among the first to tread this path. She came in Mumbai as a struggler when Boney Kapoor and his first wife gave him space to stay at his place, she got hooked with Boney and got pregnant later he had to marry her leaving her first wife.

5). Veena Malik:

Veena Malik

The Pak Controversy Queen Veena Malik who has been in the Bigg Boss was seen getting Pregnant Before she got married.

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