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5 Most Weird Facts about Sex & Love

Weird Facts About nooky
Weird Facts About nooky

You must be aware of all the basics about the bees and birds, however, not many would know what really goes in your mind or body while you heading for your sexual life. Well, the following are some of the most interesting and weird facts about your sex and love life, let’s have a look as under:

1). Spouses Have Similar DNA

It is a known fact that people choose only romantic partners having similar kind of traits including race, religion, age and income or upbringings. However, as per the reports of Proceedings of National Academy of Science, people often tend to marry with partners of similar kind of DNA. The researchers in US have found out this fact after studying 825 white American couples and realised how they do not differ much on the grounds of DNA.

2). Catching up Rom Coms Can boost up the Marriage Bond

As per experts, if you watch movies on having marital bliss, one may end up getting a good mutual bond. As per studies, the couple who were seen attending the counselling session or have watched such movies, they end up having 50 percent less time in managing their issues together. Thanks to the strong bond which gets developed after adopting this strategy claims the experts.

3). Some People are simply wired to want more sex

Your brain can influence the amount of sex partners you have claims the study in the university of California. As per the researcher team that conducted a brain scan of volunteers while catching up the images, some sexually suggestive elements also enquired about their sexual behaviour in the past. They end up saying that they love having sex with their partners in the most unusual and weird ways.

4). Lower cholesterol can help you in your bedroom

You find your heart working all the time amidst the damaging arteries and high cholesterol causing to issues like the erectile dysfunction among men. In fact, the ED can serve as the warning signs for problems like cardiovascular problems. However, you have good news, which comes in the form of having low cholesterol. With this, you can improve their sexual function as per the studies of Rutgers University researcher.

5). Help yours sex life by being humble

Do you have trouble in your date, well, why not try to be humble to your partner and find the way out. As per the reports published in Journal of Positive Psychology, when couple tread this path, they end up boosting up their sexual and love life inside the bedroom the best.

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