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5 common myths about obesity and weight loss

Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss Tips

One third and more US adults are obese claims reports. However, despite all the hue and cry against this menace people care the least about the exact cause of weight gain and loss. One of the key reasons for this is due to rampant of misinformation spread about the subject in the media. As per The New England Journal of Medicine, you can find a number of myths existing claims the researchers. The following are the top 5 Myths about obesity and weight loss:

1). Weight Loss from any exercise or diet program is consistent and predictable

You have a popular idea, which claims that burning 3500 calories over the time would lead to one pound of weight loss, while adding those huge calories loss while you add that huge number of calories that can bring in one pound gain. However, as per reports, people are only seen losing 20 percent of weight, which is merely 10 pounds. The result of the same would vary from one person to the other, hence weight loss program may not be that consistent & predictable as these are promoted in the media.

2). Without the realistic weight loss goals, you end up getting frustrated about your extra weight

Though a number of researchers may call this to be a reasonable hypothesis but it turns out to be away from reality. As per some studies, the goals of the participants can become more realistic and thus found out with no other effects over the results. In fact, with more ambitious objectives, better get realistic objects, which are at times, associated with smarter kind of weight loss results.

3). You need to be completely ready to start with weight loss program

A number of dieters are actually not often the predictor about the long term weight loss results. Yet you can find the explanation of the same to be simple and people are seen voluntarily picking up the weight loss programs by definition with the least minimally ready to get kind of behaviours that are required to lose weight. Simply the willingness to lose the weight may not be enough though no formal kind of readiness assessment would be needed.

4). Gym Class is an important weapon for fighting childhood obesity

While you may find the decline of physical education that is popular talking point when it comes to discussing the obesity epidemic amidst the kids and teens, it may not be a relevant thing claims the researchers. When you invest the time in gym in a irregular fashion, you end up making your BMI to be inconsistent. You can find a couple of school based programs, which are seen encouraging the physical activity without any effect over BMI.

5). nooky is the best way to burn all your calories

nooky can be called as a healthy option for a number of reasons, however, for burning calories is certainly none of it. Though people claim to burn 300 calories per orgasm, however the actual number is seen going down as less as 14 calories than the couch potato.

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