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5 Lessons from Bollywood on This Valentine’s Day

Bollywood on This Valentine

The 14th February is back again when the world celebrates the V Day. So, if you are lucky to have this day, you need to celebrate this day with great wit and enjoyment. This is the year when romance is seen filling up in the air and we get to see the lovers everywhere coming together to celebrate the big day called Valentine’s Day! But in Bollywood movies, every day seems to be good like the V Day and no requires a real excuse to bust over the song or simply ask their heart out, so planning something really interesting better avoid the following things to make your V Day so special:

1). She is not Your Best Friend

She is not Your Best Friend

Well if you call your love your best friend, do keep this humbug aside this V Day as we know this day and Friendship Day to not go hand in hand. Better get rid of this feeling now. Avoid going the Raj of Kuch Kuch sizzlinga Hai.

2). No Culinary Experiment

No Culinary Experiment

Just because you think that the way to somebody’s heart passed through his or her stomach, it simply do not mean that you choose this Valentine’s Day to try something different or get the culinary experiment.

3). No Selfies Please

No Selfies Please

This is the biggest procrastinating thing on earth to try this V Day. Avoid wasting time taking up selfies all the time. Remember I is for Intimate and not for Instagram to share your selfies. No Selfie Le Le Re from Sallu baba film.

4). Don’t Kill with your constant talks

Avoid talking, talking and talking all the time. No one likes that kind of constant talk on this special day. Try out something interesting to talk something really interesting. Don’t be the Geet of Jab We Met. Well, you have better examples to follow.

5). Dress Wisely

Don’t be a Champak when it comes to dressing up for this V Day. Avoid the Ranveer Singh who comes in his underwear to catch his girl in Befikre.

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