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5 fruits that will guarantee weight loss!

Eating for a weight loss too difficult to believe but its credible. As per a recent study, consuming certain fruits and veggie can really help in burning your calories on your body. The fruits are very much natural super foods, which comes with ample amount of benefits in terms of weight loss. They are rich in high fiber, comprises natural sugars and thus help in keeping the hunger pangs at the bay. One portion of fruit is often defined as 80 kgs of fruit, hence one medium-sized apple can have one portion. Let’s check the five fruits, which will assure you weight loss:

1) Watermelon:

Watermelon: Helpful for Weight Loos
Watermelon: Helpful for Weight Loos

The watermelons are often called as the best friend for your weight loss. It is known for its high in water content, which tolls to around 90% and a 100gm serving containing 30 calories. They’re also known as a rich source of amino acids, which in terms are called as arginine that can help you in burning your fat. The good thing about these fruits is that it keeps you body hydrated during the summers along with keeping you satiated for a longer time that can lead to less unhealthy snacking.


2) Apple:

An apple a day can keep your doctor away, is an old axiom. It is really means it as you know that these fruit can even reduce the risk of having cancer risk, keeps your heart healthy, boost your immune system, make your teeth whiter, and can also beat diarrhoea and constipation issues. Also, if you are on a weight loss diet, then adding an apple in your dietary repertoire can work wonders. One medium sized apple usually contains around 50 calories, which is free from any kind of fat or sodium. In fact, as per a Brazilian study, women who ate one apple before having their meals can lose 33 percent weights than trying any other fruit for the same!

3) Banana
It comes with a packing of 105 calories per piece, while the average banana can be called as the best source of getting instant energy and proves as the perfect post workout food. These also very much healthier than the packaged post workout snacks including energy bars which are mere chocolate bars masquerading like the ‘healthy’ options. At the same time, it also helps in beating muscle cramps, and thus keeps your BP in a right form. At the same time it also prevents acidity and even beats constipation.

4) Guava
Portuguese were the one who brought these fruits to India. It comes with immense health benefits. It is known to have high fiber percentage, and yet another fruit for your weight loss dream. Thanks to the presence of glycemic index, which is really low, making it a perfect option for people suffering from diabetics as well. At the same time, it can keep your bowel movements very much prim and proper, which helps the overall weight loss process.

5) Pear
The pear fulfill can cater one quarter of your daily fiber requirement and is considered as a great option for your digestive system. It can even help in reducing your cholesterol levels apart from reduces the risk of having coronary heart diseases and even type II diabetes. With its fiber content, your body remains satiated for longer time while the fruit also have a number of other benefits as it is rich in Vitamin C.

Wrapping up
There are many other fruits as well, which can help you in expediting your weight loss process. However, the above named ones are simply the best in terms of giving your energy and making you free from your extra fat.

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