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5 Films that can be made on Political Leaders with these fitting actors

As we see the popularity of Bollywood increasing with every passing day, we have actors being worshiped and even thrashed for no reason. The industry has been crazy and so are the fans of this industry who have their own reason to like or hate anyone. The political leaders have similar situations. They are being hated the most yet they and their lives remain the key content for any Bollywood masala movies. We can see several actors who can remain the fitting stars for these 5 politicians in India, let’s check them out:

1). Yogi Adityanath – Vin Diesel

The man who was surprised when chosen the CM of the largest state of India called UP. His role can be played the best by the actor Vin Diesel. He hails from Hollywood and remains the perfect choice for this political leader from the UP.

2). Sonia Gandhi – Reese Witherspoon

Sonia Gandhi - Reese Witherspoon

Unlike the Yogi, the former Congress President. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi remains the perfect stuff for Bollywood film which can be best played by the actress Reese Witherspoon.

3). Narendra Modi – Kulbhushan Kharbanda

Narendra Modi - Kulbhushan Kharbanda


The actor is known for his performance, while similar is the story of the Indian Performance who is known for good and bad things in his life that becomes the perfect stuff for Bollywood movies.

4). Rahul Gandhi – Arunoday Singh

Rahul Gandhi - Arunoday Singh

For his role, we can consider the Bollywood actor called Arunoday Singh. In fact, both of them have their unstable careers one in Politics and other in Bollywood.

5). Smriti Irani – Vidya Balan

Smriti Irani - Vidya Balan

She is both the actress and politicians and swaps her role in both the worlds that makes her the perfect stuff for Bollywood movies. Her role can be best played by Vidya Balan but she just had to put her more weight to stuit her the best.

So, who is your favorite do let us know by commenting on it!

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