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5 easy-to-make and refreshing smoothies for summer!

Summer season is coming, and all we have to keep hydrating ourselves. And we thought smoothies are the best option. Smoothies are everyone’s favorite and can be had at any time during the day. Just add cream, nuts, milk, and more fruits and it will become the perfect summer smoothie. You can use any fruits or vegetables you want and then pair them up with your favorite natural flavorings. Here are some easy and refreshing smoothies for summer

1) Mango smoothie:
When we say summer, we are all craving mangoes. Mango is such a fruit that we can’t deny eating. Refreshing mango pulp, milk, yogurt, and sugar (optional) are what we made this refreshing and everyone’s favorite smoothie. Adding nuts to it will make this smoothie tastier…

Mango smoothie
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2) Watermelon smoothie:
The Watermelon itself is a hydration hero. Some watermelon chunks, milk or yogurt, and crushed ice is what we want to make this feel cool smoothie…

Watermelon smoothie
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3) Chocolate Banana smoothie:
Chocolate smoothies are everyone’s favorite, and if we add bananas into them, this will become the perfect nourishing summer season smoothie. In this recipe with banana, add milk cocoa powder, some ice cubes, and add sugar if you want…

Chocolate banana Smoothie
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4) Vanilla Mint smoothie:
Vanilla extract and some fresh spinach and mint leaves make this soothing and energizing smoothie…

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5) Strawberry smoothie:
Strawberry’s tangy and sweet flavor is what makes this fruit unique. Some frozen strawberries, ice cubes are making this smoothie. Adding milk or yogurt into it makes the smoothie thick and tasty…

Strawberry smoothie
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