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5 Bollywood Actresses Getting Married to Foreigners

We have seen the Bollywood divas to be among the most desired ladies in B Town. They are followed by lakhs of people across the world thanks to their gorgeous and stunning looks. Though they took time to settle down in life for obvious reasons but many when settled down shocked many as they got married to the foreigners. Well, it would be interesting to check the list of 5 Bollywood Actresses Getting Married to Foreigners as under:
1). Radhika Apte 
Radhika Apte husband
She often remained in news for her bold scenes and movies with such a content. Remember her nude selfies too have gone viral in the media. However, one more news that made her in the news was getting married to a British Musician Benedict Taylor.
2). Madhuri Dixit 
Madhuri Dixit and Shriram Nene
She was alleged to be in relationship with a few B Town actors including Sanjay Dutt and were supposed to marry him but his court cases shattered her dreams. She then was seen getting married to a US based doctor called Dr. Nene and thus remained in the US for six months and the rest of the time in India doing films. Now the couple has settled in Mumbai and she is still in films.
3). Shriya Saran 
Shriya Saran husband
She is known to have in relationship with a few and more known in South Indian film but she settled down with a foreigner called Andrei Koshcheev. She played in B Town films the role of Ajay Devgn in a couple of movies.
4). Reena Rai 
Reena Roy husband
The actress was known for her bold scenes in the early eighties films but her biggest news came when she got married to a foreigner. She got hooked to the Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan and then left the country to start her new innings of life.
5). Preity Zinta
The Bubbly actress of B Town was known for her many movies and her relationship with several actors. But she chose to marry a foreigner from the US. She got married to the Business Tycoon based in the US called Gene Goodenough. The couple is based in the US now.
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