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4 Controversies about Sanjay Dutt to be seen in his film Sanju

4 Controversies about Sanjay Dutt

The upcoming biopic movie of Sanjay Dutt with Ranbir Kapoor in the central role has been the talk of the town ever since it was announced in the media. The buzz of the film further propelled when the trailer was launched. The film directed by RajKumar Hirani has been making headlines in which we got to see the controversies and other stories of the actor that have been not so known to the world and to his fans. Although Hirani has claimed that it is difficult for him to showcase his entire life in a 2 hours 50 minutes movie for the obvious reasons but we know the film would showcase some of the major controversies in his life including his affairs and AK 47 possession. Now, time to catch these 4 controversies that have been surrounded his life as under:
1).Sanjay & Tina Ambani Affair 
Sanjay & Tina Ambani
They were in love with each other and their relationship lasted for two years. Sanjay Dutt loved the lady dearly, however, the relationship broke up as the lady left him behind to start his new life with some other person. He loved so much that he went to Rishi Kapoor’s place to thrash him as he used to like Tina at that time but soon she left him.
2). Madhuri Dixit & Sanju Affair 
Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt
He was seen having in relationship with the Dhak Dhak Girl when they did a couple of movies together. They were even supposed to get hooked in the early nineties when the case of alleged arms possession against the actor in the nineties appeared. However, instead of being there for the actor, the lady fled away leaving Sanjay back.
3). Firing on Maid 
Sanjay Dutt was always fond of guns and the Dutt family used to keep guns. His liking for guns came in the early days of his life when he found a licenced gun at his home and started firing in different directions and there we saw one of the bullet getting into the body of his maid. The Dutt family treated the maid and settled the issue.
4). Sanju-Govinda Terms


He enjoyed working with several actors including Govinda and had good relations with him. However, soon his terms with the actor went down to such an extent that he hated talking about him. Similarly his relations with Salman was also in news but later Sanjay rejected saying that he had a good terms with Salman.
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