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5 Bollywood Actors And Their Good Luck Charms




In life both luck and talent play a key equal role, if you moving up in your success goal you are likely to check both the things in your basket. There are many who seem to have loads of talents but they fail to make big in their respective fields, which include the B Town. And there are few who are born with silver spoon and they do well without even having the talent they need to do big. There are people when they enter their stardom they make sure that they do not leave their good luck charms which they feel retain their success. And in B Town we have certain actors who have their own good luck charms, how about checking them as under:

Kajol – Diamond studded Om ring

Kajol simply has the blind faith in her diamond ring with the Om design which her hubby had gifted long before. She is often seen wearing this ring as she treats her lucky charm on her right hand she feels gives her peace of mind. She says it keeps her clam both professionally and personally.

Kajol - Diamond studded Om ring

Kajo – Diamond studded Om ring

Vidya Balan – Hashmi kajal

She is known to have desi looks in B Town and is an ardent fan of earthy fashion which she come along too often. This versatile actress is a brilliant performer for any role. She has sworn on by Hashmi kohl (it is a kajal only made in Pakistan) and is often seen spotted wearing the same at all times. Even her love and obsession for the beads is famous everywhere, Vidya feels that the Hashmi kajal and beads has been the source to success in Bollywood and even her personal life.

Vidya Balan - Hashmi kajal

Vidya Balan – Hashmi kajal

Salman Khan – Turquoise bracelet

Salman Khan is always spotted with his Turquoise and the silver bracelet. Be it his films or in the parties, he make sure he always have them. These were gifted by his father and he calls it to be his lucky charm. So, wherever Sallu Baba goes, the bracelet goes with him.

Salman Khan - Turquoise bracelet

Salman Khan – Turquoise bracelet

Hrithik Roshan – Extra thumb

We all know that Hrithik Roshan has an extra thumb on his right hand. Earlier he used to hide it but with passing time, we saw him showcasing in the films. He had the option of operating it but he considers it to be his lucky charm. Hence despite it look shabby, she ensures that he keeps it and even flaunts it over the silver screen. This is the reason why keeps it away from surgery.

Hrithik Roshan - Extra thumb

Hrithik Roshan – Extra thumb

Shilpa Shetty – Emerald ring

The evergreen and always young B-town actress Shilpa Shetty is also known to have her luck charm with her. She has reached to her own success not just in B Town but also in other ventures she keeps on trying. We know that the lady wears an Emerald ring over his finger and on her right hand. This ring was the gift from her mom and she feels that her life had changed a lot both professionally and personally with it.

Shilpa Shetty - Emerald ring

Shilpa Shetty – Emerald ring

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