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SRK Backs Aamir Khan on his Intolerance Statement

The Aamir Khan statement on religious intolerance has created all bizarre in different parts of our country. With many supporting Aamir Khan on this, there were communal elements that for the heck of coming over the media and being covered by the mainstream media also went to the extent of agitating near Aamir Khan and questioning his patriotism. Amidst all this, Shah Rukh Khan who was also seen facing the same reactions from the public was seen supporting his rival actor Aamir Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan while giving an interview to one of the leading news channel called IBM said that Aamir Khan has been misquoted. However, the actor further said that one must be prepared to face loads of noise in the social media provided if we pose such statements. He also said that we need to be prepared to deal with such kind of criticism and backlash as faced by him or Aamir.

He expressed his concern that when same thing any politician say regarding secularism, it is not often accepted, however, when any star is seen saying anything, it is simply blown out of proportion. And in conclusion he said that now he has learnt how to handle the question on this subject. However, amidst all this, Aamir Khan has got the support from his fellow Khan actor – SRK on the intolerance issue.

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