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102 Not Out Trailer Review

102 Not Out


One can always trust Big B when he is assigned something new, he does the justice with it. In fact, every film of the actor has something new and interesting aspect to catch about Big B which makes him the megastar. And when he is backed with another veteran actor like Rishi Kapoor, it has to be special. The trailer of 102 Not Out has been incredible as we see the two proving their worth and make you feel that there is much left in them that would require more films to being them out over the silver screen. The trailer released of the said film worth 2 minutes and 55 seconds is nothing but sheer fun.

So if you talk about the film, we find to oldies one is father and the other is son live two different tendencies and ideas. One (father – Big B) is all young by heart despite reaching 102 and keen on breaking the record of the man who scored 118 years in China, while on the other side, we have another old man the son played by Rishi Kapoor who is 75 years of age and feels that he is at the last leg of his age. The film directed by Umesh Shukla, which showcases the unusual father-son story. In one sentence it is both quirky and side-splitting humor.

This is perhaps the first time such theme has been used in B Town movie, which is equally interesting and worthy to catch. At least on the face of it, the film appears to be interesting and quirky coming out with some of the best performances and lessons for life in a long run. The unusual father and son duo story would be liked by many and it has much encompassing in the film when it finally releases this year on May 4. Don’t forget to shoot your views on the film trailer and let us know how did you find it, we are waiting for your comments.


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