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The 100 Crore Bollywood Club

Bollywood  100 Crore Club

Do you remember, when you were student, you often faced written and oral exams, right? The report card that you often used to get often summarized your performance in the exams. Similar is the story with corporate world wherein they have their own performance review. Similarly in the sports world, you can find statistics that plays the part. In business as well you have profit and loss. The Bollywood industry is pitted with several problems when critics are seen reviewing their movies harshly. However, you would see in most of the award functions, the critics and reviewers are often counted in the bad books for their approach and ways to judge any movie. Well, there has to be some yardstick or barometer to carry out this important task.

When production companies make movies, they simply have one thing in mind- to do good business and earn huge bucks. You love or hate it, the Box Office for the films is among the biggest and major barometer to judge the success of any movie churning out on Friday. So, what matters at the end is the number of people who have actually visited the theaters to watch the movie. The 100 Crore Club is among the best things to happen to any film released in B Town since the number game often makes things too dynamic and interesting. The higher the number the bigger would be the impact or influence of the movie, which in other words is Big Money.

However, there are exceptions, which come in the form or SRK. He was recently seen saying that the 100 crore figure doesn’t fascinate him as for him the business of filmmaking is all about creativity and innovation. Though he is the same man who has hordes of movie scheduled to be cracked and his desire and efforts to remain at the top never seems to die. Perhaps this is nothing but double standards. Hence he shouldn’t have the reason to dismay about this club. The media simply encourages the 100, 150 or 200 crore clubs. The Indian audience is very much fascinated with the numbers. This number game is applicable in other sectors as well, which include sports wherein people are lured to the number of 50’s or 100’s the batsman has secured or number of wickets the bowlers has taken.

The Box Office is one of the vital ones as compared to the award ceremonies, while half of the industry hardly values these awards. It is really difficult to judge the film or acting/performance seen in the movie, however, for people it has to be entertaining. India happens to be a diverse country hence everybody has the different taste and flair. How can you judge the diverse amount of performances and then compared together as every movie has its own vision. The 100 Crore Club offers a true judgment of the star value of the respective actor in the movie. This can even allow people to check the bigger star puller found among the actors. The first day collections and the first weekend collections simply belong to the stars. Once you get this the filmmaker can get the credit. We of course need stars and would often require them. The stars are among the biggest attraction for any movies. Akshay Kumar movies would always be expected than the movies of Manoj Bajpai movie. As you know, the Indian audience is more obsessed with the stars and seen waiting for the movies of their favorite stars.

Though you may find good movies being appreciated, however, the stark reality is that the presence of stars really brings in higher amount of returns for the movie. The stars can really make bad movie also work perfectly over the Box Office. At times good movies lose at box office owing to the absence of the stars. With the 100 Crore Club, the movie loving audience would often turn out to be fascinated about these numbers. The actor film is having the highest amount of first day or weekend collection. How many days do you need to reach to the figure of 100 Crore. The fact is the movies are all about power and the 100 Crore figure add more power in it.

Indian audience is changing hence any movie had the potential to make the mark of 100 crore. With huge media coverage and marketing avenues, even the smaller movies have the chance of reaching out to this club. The bigger the movie in Box office the higher would be the budget, which can make a movie of Hollywood standards. The audience simply want bigger and better, while there is a difference between watching any movie in the theaters or on TV. The same difference can be found in between star and actor. Now the actors have turned out very much market savvy and are seen working hard to become more popular. Everyone known Naseerudin Shah and Om Puri as good actors, however, Amitabh Bachchan is a bigger star. He has more number of fans following than the actors. The Box office is nothing but just a yardstick for the actors. If your film flops, you simply have failed as a good actor. If your movie is a big hit, you have turned big as an actor. It has therefore become a simple equation now.

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