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Stressed day? Relieve yourself by watching THESE 10 feel-good series this weekend

Tired of long workdays or minor squabbles? You certainly need to refresh yourself and uplift your mood. But, how? What about watching a movie that makes you feel good? From a family entertainer and love story to a light-hearted comedy, we have something for everyone in our recommendations.

Here’s our list of 10 feel-good series that you can watch to elevate your mood:

10 feel-good series to make your day

Gullak is the story of a middle-class Mishra family and has plenty of amazing and relatable stories. This realistic family drama is sure to make you forget your stress and engross you in its little world. You can watch its two seasons on Sony LIV.

Yeh Meri Family
This Amazon Prime Video series is another family drama on our list. It narrates the story of a middle child, Harshu. how he handles school, family, friends, and other responsibilities while dealing with the challenges that come as he grows up. This is one of the perfect watches to share with your family this weekend.

Both seasons 1 and 2 featuring Jitendra Kumar are all-time entertainers for you. Panchayat is the story of Abhishek, who has just graduated from engineering and finds it difficult to land the perfect job. He later ends up working for a panchayat in a distant Indian village where he faces a lot of problems. This feel-good series will lift your mood in most circumstances and energise your soul.

Little Things

Here comes the love drama for all romance genre lovers. Little Things is about a couple in their 20s who, after being in a distant relationship for a long time, decide to live together. Their ups and downs, current relationships, and finding their true selves in modern Mumbai are all that a feel-good series needs. Little Things is currently streaming on Netflix.

Feels Like Ishq
Feels Like Ishq tells the story of two young adults and the various emotions that arrive while they seek love in unexpected places. You can watch this on Netflix.

Amazon Prime’s Immature is a 5-episode series about many of the initial experiences teens have in their lives. Dhruv, a 16-year-old guy eager to grow up into an adult teen, wants to win over Chhavi, an intelligent student who is the topper of her class. He makes several attempts to get her, with little help from his friends.

This Voot series, ‘Baked,’ shows the journey of three old college friends who reunite for a road trip to the hills while each of them has some hidden goals. Everything happens contrary to their plans, and they are lost in rural India, misunderstood as drug dealers, and end up in jail. You will watch everything as they sort out the mess, from thrills to chills.

Tripling is a Zee5 Original that tells the story of three despaired, jobless siblings separated from their partners. These three guys, Chanchal, Chitvan, and Chandan, decide to start a new journey. Their funny trip in search of their identity and connection will make you all smile. So this is
definitely one of the best feel-good series to watch.

Dil Bekarar
Dil Bekarar is an Indian rom-com drama on Disney Plus Hotstar, directed by Habibi Faisal. It is inspired by a novel named ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls.’

Home Shanti
Another Disney Plus Hotstar series, Home Shanti, depicts a middle-class family drama with real emotions and their wish to create their home. In this attempt, they come across numerous problems, and how they manage to achieve it will make a worthy watch for your feel-good series.

So this was our list of 10 feel-good series to make your day. You can watch this if you’re feeling stressed, and we hope it helps!

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