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Pataakha Movie Review





With every other film, Bharadawaj’s story telling skills goes smooth and excellent

Movie – Pataakha

Director – Vishal Bharadwaj

Star Cast – Vijay Raaz, Sanya Malhotra, Radhika Madan, Namit Das, Saanand Varma, Abhishek Duhan

Writer – Vishal Bharadwaj

Genre – Drama

Rating – 3.5


In the rural Rajasthan you find two sisters who are often seen fighting and this has been happening since they were younger. They have everything in their fight – the abuse, kicks, fists and the wrestle style moves as well. Their fights become the pastime for the villagers and they come closer to catch the fight cheering them and enjoying the punches and the fling and their father remains hapless. So, what really goes at the end is interesting to catch in your nearby theatres.



As you check the film, it would take some time to understand about it. You find these sisters in filthy look as if they have not had their shower since few days. Their unkempt hair and dirty faces witness about the same, while the heavy accents and ready to fight all the time would give you an unusual impression about the movie. However, soon, things fall in the right block allowing you to understand the reality of the film. The story of the film is based on a short story from Charan Singh Pathik called Do Behnein and they have managed to pull away the rousing parable.

It is the director Vishal Bhardawaj who has written the film and he does not want leave the chance to showcase the fighting girls in the right spirit and aura, while their father played by Vijay Raaz remains hapless. All these turn together an interesting the ensemble cast. The director is able to bring out the best story from the short tale of the said writer which speaks again a lot about his story writing and telling skills. It seems that he is grooming his story writing and telling skills with ace and professionalism backed by some of the best performances in the media.

Now, talking about the performances, both the girls played by Sanya Malhotra, and Radhika Madan were nothing but splendid and will have their impact for a longer run. The others who excelled in his performances is Vijay Raaz, he is an ace actor with good acting skills and dialogue delivery. The other elements like music, screenplay, editing and other elements remained okay to help the film boost up its entertainment value.

Pataakha – The Last word

The film despite all its interesting storytelling thing is a onetime watch movie. It would remain the same since rural story with two fighting girls would not attract the audience. Though technically speaking the film was par and should be applauded with higher ratings.

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Malaika Arora’s pic in a mermaid dress goes viral on Social Media



malaika-mermaid dress

Well, for Malaika Arora, her aura and swag speak louder than her words. Every new avatar of her becomes the talk of the town, and her recent mermaid dress seems to be the topic of discussion. That’s why her fashion game simply goes strong and fierce these days. The item song queen who has always made news for her songs in different Bollywood movies was seen in this avatar. She was seen in an outfit with the top having Jad Sada cornelli embroidery in black. As you look down, she has a skirt of geometrically colourful pencil design that can be called as a maxi skirt. With these, she simply appeared stunning.

Needless to say that her picture showcasing her in this stunning avatar of a mermaid has simply gone viral over the social media. Currently, Malaika Arora is making news for one reason or the other. These include being in a relationship with Arjun Kapoor and other things. She is now seen in a reality TV show as a judge, while we know as a good model, actor and dancer. Some of her iconic songs include Mahi Ve, Munni Badnaam Hui, Chaiyya Chaiyya and many more. She has become a socail media sensation at the moment with her followers on Instagram, and other social media sites have reached to seven million followers.

Also, her photos with Arjun Kapoor on the social media has become viral. They have even bought a home together in Mumbai, and that has made the news in the media as well. They are getting hitched though they have not accepted publically but both are enjoying the relationship. When Arjun Kapoor was asked about this relationship status, he said he is no more a single man now. On the other side, when Malaika Arora was asked about her status, she said she is enjoying her life without naming anyone. These things give clear indication that the two are in love or else we have no reason to see her removing the title Khan from her Instagram handle.

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Raj Kapoor’s 94th Birthday- 5 interesting facts to check on this Big Day



raj kapoor

Needless to say that the history of B Town cannot be complete without mentioning the yesteryear director Raj Kapoor. He was born on this day way back in 1994 and was the eldest son of the Kapoor’s family. His father Prithviraj Kapoor was the pioneer of Indian Cinema and Theatres. Raj Kapoor was born and brought up in this environment that led acting in his blood. He carried forward the legacy of forward taking his career in the film industry to new heights. This eventually gave the industry something new and interesting that anyone in the Hindi Cinema could just wish for. His films with a simple story with a socialist touch having soothing songs and dance move all across the world giving him a fanbase all over the globe. He is certainly among the biggest showman of B Town. Thanks to his knack of creating robust visual sense and quality par excellent. At his big day, when his fans celebrate his 94th Birthday, it would be interesting to unleash some of his interesting facts, have a look:

1). Global Recognition – When it comes to global recognition, the director Satyajit Ray is not the lone maker. In fact, Raj Kapoor has been nominated for the prestigious award platforms of the world in Europe for his movies like Awaara and Boot Polish way back in the early fifties.

2). One man many titles – The actor, director Raj Kapoor was the man with several titles. One key title given to him was “the Clark Gable of the Hindi Cinema”. This was only as he remained the top performers at the box office in the history of Bollywood.

3). Greatest Performance spotted by Time magazine – The world reputed and a known magazine called Time has rated RK’s performance in his film Awaara among the top 10 greatest performances in the world of all time.

4). Brought out new talents – He gave Hindi Cinema new talents thus bringing out the music directors Shankar-Jaikishan along with the known lyricists Hasrat Jaipuri along with Shailendra into Bollywood.

5). Started Young – He entered into the B Town long back in 1935 working as a child artist in the movie Inquilab when he was barely 10 years old.

A Big Salute to the greatest directors of Indian Cinema. We wish his family a very happy and prosperous day.

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Catch Simmba’s Tere Bin Song featuring Ranveer & Sara’s Magical Romance



Ranveer Singh Sara Ali Khan main

The makers of Simmba have finally released the song called Tere Bin. After releasing the still of the song yesterday, they are back with the full song. Its cool and showcases the magical romance between the lead roles played by Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan. The film produced by Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar producing the film under their banners. The last film of Rohit Shetty Golmaal Again starring with the same old star cast having Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi, Parineeti Chopra and others did well over the box office. Its been a year to see his film.

Talking about the song called Tere Bin, it has adequately captured the real crux of the romance between Sara and Ranveer. As you look at the song, it has soothing music, meaningful lyrics and cool locations of Switzerland. All these factors are all set to woo the hearts of millions of fans of Ranveer and also Sara Ali Khan, which seemed to be good after her first release of the movie. It will be a power packed song adding all the elements of the romance and love. Ranveer looks cool in his simple and sleek kind of look, while Sara Ali Khan is simply stunning and is ready to steal again millions of hearts with her yet again incredible style and aura.

This song sets a cool chemistry of Sara and Ranveer, which is a good romantic pair in making over the silver screen. The song has the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the talented singer Asees Kaur. The two make the song simply awesome giving the best of the effects of the recreated version of Tere Bin. As we know the original song had the voice of Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. On the other wide, the lyrics are jotted down by Rashmi Verag, whereas the music is composed by Tanishk Bagchi. With this power-packed song, one can see it topping the chartbuster list. Well, if you are yet to catch the song and its video, its time to have a look at it. And yes, do not forget to share your views by commenting below and let us know how did you like it:

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