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Thugs of Hindostan trailer review- Too Many Elements to Enjoy

Thugs of Hindostan

If after watching the trailer of the film Thugs of Hindostan, you feel that you have seen something like this before, you are right. Well, there is much of similarities between the antics of Captain Jack Sparrow from the famous film Pirates of the Caribbean and the current one starring Big B and Aamir. Right from the first sequence of Big B entering the lined up ships sailing in the ocean, to the storyline and characters, there are many things in common presented with Indian version. Aamir Khan’s character is a cool blend of wit, mischief and deceit as he rightly says that his character is meant to deceit anyone while Big B has everything straight.
Of course, what makes the difference in the character of Aamir is the long dreadlocks and a goatee, while the actor is successful in retaining the nosepin. There is no two thought about the fact that the film happens to be the most anticipated one and many of the people who have not seen the film Pirates of Caribbean would have nothing much to complain. We are seeing the Indian version of Hollywood and everyone would going to enjoy with their class performances of the ensemble roles, the hefty sets, the exorbitant story and many more, which the Indian films lag behind. You have a film with all set of things, making a typical masala movie with some level to entertain the audience.
The plot is interesting to catch and much to do with the Indian independence, the VFX effects would entertain young and kids, while the older generation would enjoy it with all neat and clean stuff making it a perfect family entertainer this Diwali. The release date is also apt, when people would enjoy the movie in their festive mood. The film has a specialty, it never becomes predictable that’s been the uniqueness which will sell this festive time. The tales move on entertaining till you reach to the climax. The performances are the key USPs of the film as seen in the trailer, Aamir has simply aced with his performance and so is Big B. The rating should be given high to the trailer.


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