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Zuban Movie Review

Despite Stellar Performances, the disjoint in Film’s content failed the film Zuban to lift 

This Friday, we have two movies releasing in B Town and one of these include the film called Zuban. Once again Masaan director – Mozez Singh, is back with other flick starring Sarah Jane Dias and Vicky Kaushal. The film is produced by Guneet Monga and Mozez Singh under the banner of Wave Cinema in association with other groups including Shiksha Entertainment. The film has the music from Ashutosh Pathak and unlike all the previous films of Mozez, Zuban too was screened in one of the prestigious festivals including the 20th edition of Busan International Film Festival and the movie had opened the biggest in the festival from Asia. Now, let’s dig in deep into the film to get the crux of the same as under:


The film revolves around the life of an ambitious lad from Gurdaspur called Dilsher played by Vicky Kaushal. He has a stammering problem and aspires to become the lion of the town unlike his idol Gurucharan Sikand a business tycoon in the city. To rise high, he heads to Delhi to land up in the company of his idol and soon becomes his right hand but soon had to lose the position as being hated by Gurucharan Sikand’s son and his wife. In his new life, he meets Amira played by Sarah Jane Dias who is a talented signer. She makes Dilsher make realize that music is his passion and he should find destiny from this field. The rest of the film is all about chasing his childhood dream and do big in this field.


As you start catching up the film, you soon realize how relevant to your life and in many of the scenes you may even connect with your real life character. The film has a number of best written scenes while pursuing his dreams, however, it lacks in other departments. The film lacks in giving enough space and proper setup to see the lead actors in falling in love. A majority of their meetings often remain abrupt in the film and the entire sequence of Dhruvtara a celebration that the lady organizes in memory of her late brother is anything, which simply does not fit in a right fashion with this otherwise a realistic story. In other words, the film is sub plot which seems quite over the top.

Star Performances

After winning hearts of millions with his impeccable performance in Masaan, Vicky is back again with another good performance. He has impressed everyone once again with his apt body language and stammer while playing the character of Dilsher. And don’t forget to catch a typical accent from Gurdaspur making him the most watchable actor in the movie. The second good performance from Vicky who is none other than the talented actor Manish Chaudhari, his character of playing a business tycoon is fantastic. Sarah Jane Dias in the character of Amira though has been a disappointment as she fails to leave much of her impact on the film and so is the audience. The others like Meghna Mallick and Raghav Chanana are brilliant in their performances.

Direction, Music and other elements

The film from Mozez is both enticing and unsatisfactory. It gives a good start and a nice first half but falters in the second half seems to slumping in a very poor fashion. And what is more disturbing element is that the movie has infrequent musical performances with certain context free dance numbers, which portray pinpoint choreography with rear projections. The choreography by Uma Gaiti seemed very much languid in certain areas like the song Music Is My Life. The cinematography and Khyatee Kanchan’s production design simply gives the movie a very good visual appeal. The stark difference is the dingy room to the classy mansion of Sikand. The other elements like editing too faced certain issues, which hampers the entertainment value of the film.

Zuban the last word

The film Zuban has a disjointed plot, which doesn’t really help the audience to enjoy and appeal in many ways. However, the first half is appealing and the second half is the problem, which wrecks all the havoc. The music too is not conventional in it, which maligns the sequences. The film can be called in an uneven ride, which appeals partially though it has some stellar performances but these fail to lift the film thus hampering the rating of the film.

Rating – 2.5

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