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Zoa Morani did plasma donate for again second time, herself has defeated ‘Corona’

The corona virus continues to wreak havoc across the country. Against which all the people are fighting unitedly. Some are contributing to this by staying at home, while some are fighting against this infection in roads and hospitals. However, in the meantime, the increasing cases are pointing out that there is still a long battle to go. People are waiting for this infection vaccine. But so far no vaccine of this virus has been produced. However the plasma of people who have beaten the corona is definitely providing some help against this epidemic. In such a situation, Zoa Morani is on the field against Corona.

Actually, several methods are being used to treat corona, one of which is plasma therapy. Many Bollywood celebrities are also expressing confidence in plasma therapy. Now recently, actress Zoa Morani has donated her plasma for the second time, once again relying on this therapy.

Zoa herself has given this information through social media. Zoa shared the picture on social media donating the plasma. In addition, she wrote in the caption, ‘Round 2 of the plasma donation. The last time a patient had come out of the ICU. My doctor has also said that if every patient who wins the battle with Corona donates the plasma, it will help someone else.

Remind that Zoa has donated plasma before this too. Zoa last donated plasma at Nair Hospital. During this, Zoa told that she liked it very much. She also told that everything is being taken care of in the hospital. A Physician is present here for care. At the same time, Zoa appealed that all the people who have beaten Corona also come forward for help.

Significantly, producer Karim Morani and his two daughters Shaja Morani and Zoa Morani were found infected with Covid-19. After which all three were hospitalized. However, all three returned home after some time to overcome this infection. During this time Zoa also shared her experience with the people.

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