Zikr Productions celebrates Power of Feminine with its Woman’s Day Campaign #iamanicebitch

For Women’s Day, with its new Instagram campaign #iamanicebitch, Zikr Productions celebrates women who say an assertive ‘no’  to indecent proposals, to creepy situations, to society. Unlike the feminist ‘morchas’, this one showcases the power of feminine, power of assertiveness over aggression.


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The music video showcases women across the globe spreading this wave of awareness in a sassy way. The lines ‘I don’t bash and clash, I jus’ smile and put them to trash.’ convey the innate power of ‘feminine’ seamlessly. The video showcases Shrishti Shreshta, Miss Nepal 2012/actor/influencer, Niti Shah, Miss Nepal 2017/actor/model, a fashion designer, a dentist, a communication expert, an MBA, models, dancers, women influencers from all walks of life.


Shoneeka, Founder at Zikr Productions told our team, “The thing is more and more women out of insecurity, fear and defensiveness are becoming aggressive, sacrificing their own softness and wasting precious energy on people who don’t even deserve it. Hence we thought of ‘#iamanicebitch’ because she is this super powerful woman who knows how to retain her essential nature and yet get her way around smartly. Actually false social beliefs n triggers of Movies like Animal are taking our consciousness down the drain. Hence more force has to be applied to retain the precious ‘feminine energy’ on the planet. If we don’t trigger the ego, and just speak our truth softly, a lot of evil can be stopped. Aggression leads to more aggression. And that holds for both men and women.’

Shoneeka collaborates with brands on stories for change through Zikr Productions.

Their recent work ‘Radhika’, a digital film with Work.Exchange, a co-working space based in multiple countries.

She also talks about the power of feminine and masculine energies, through her program Love Vipassana.

The music video going viral is a part of a Zikr Shorty, a short film that shows a cab driver making an indecent proposal to a foreigner. And how the woman turns him down slyly, without triggering his ego further. Starring Samyak Man Singh, Ankita Joshi. Edited by Sumanta Manandar. Music by Anuj Pradhan.

Written-Directed by Shoneeka.

Shoneeka ended our chat saying something which even got us thinking, “For more than three decades or more, Feminists have been talking about equality of men and women, it is such a stupid thing to compare two different species. How can they ever be equal! I think high time we look at the uniqueness and beauty of each gender and not poison this society further. Enough of this gender war. #iamanicebitch is also talking about saying no in a way that is unique to the woman. Honouring our own gender. Assertiveness is the key. Ego needs to be brushed off.”


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