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Zid Trailer Review – A Beginning to the Obsession

Zid Trailer

Many a times you might have heard this statement ‘The Countdown Begins’ isn’t? But, give me a while guys, as we have something especial that can change this statement to ‘The Obsession Begins’? Something which is beyond your expectation and your level of specialty that can even make you crazy about that, don’t believe this right? So, let’s check out this..

The obsession begins with the recent release of a movie trailer ‘Zid wherein the facts turn into fantasy, a trailer which is not only smashing the floor but also knocking the minds of youngster’s and soon will be disturbing the dreams as well, guessing of whom I’m depicting such statements? She’s is none other than, Barbie Handa – A star who was nothing but a missing genuine star in the Bollywood, hardily known by any of the audience but, hold guys she’s not only coming up to spread her fire on the floor but to play with the fire in her looming cum stunning movie.

A trailer featuring the hottest of all celebs Barbie and Karanvir Sharma with a casual flirtation cum hot chemistry with which you’ll surely forget everything. It’s a bet, who says that the trailers can’t create fire? Watch it once and believe me you’ll definitely forget the hot scenes of Sunny Leone as well. Nonetheless, if we talk about the trailer then, here both Barbie and Karanvir seems to be enjoying each n every moment with the hot and stunning scenes irrespective of whether it’s a bed, outdoor area or anywhere both are in a mood to crack the screens. Moreover, what actually creates an un stoppable eagerness amongst us is that, the Barbie’s hot dressing attire wherein she’s always found in a bikini along with Karanvir with a hot Kissing scene most of the time. Under the productions of Anubhav Sinha, it seems like the movie will rock the box office with respect to the trailer for sure.

Manoj L


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