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Zee Music Released the Song Mera Bhai Featuring Vikas Naidu, Bhavin Bhanushali and Vishal Pandey

Mera Bhai Song
Mera Bhai Song

Mere Bhai is the new song which was finally released today by Zee Music. The soothing song has the talented singer Vikas Naidu along with the Tik Tok stars and actors from Mumbai. They have given similar songs earlier and each of their songs has got millions of views for the soothing song, and music. With par quality and a meaningful song dedicated to the two friends who celebrate their brotherhood has finally been released today by ZEE. With the current lockdown, Zee finally released the song under its banner virtually thus giving yet another soothing song for the music lovers.

Vishal Pandey and Bhavin Bhanushali are seen in the song as friends while Vikas Naidu is seen as the third friend having a good time with the duo. The playback singing for the song is done by Vikas Naidu along with Shubham Singh Rajput who is a known name in singing from central India with several music videos already in the digital media. The song has meaningful lyrics, which are jotted down by Vikas Naidu, while he is the director of this musical song. It is produced by their production house called Next Volume Productions.

As the song has been launched, Vikas, Bhavin and Vishal are confident to see it getting yet another hit song for the audience. They have kept their fingers crossed to see the song turning viral as it comes from the known group of Zee. Well, it has everything to see its response coming positive in social media. Perhaps it can allow the music lovers to enjoy the soothing song with a cool music video amidst this lockdown time. Well, time now to catch the song. Bet, you will not regret catching it for sure!


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