Zala Bobhata Marathi film review

Zala Bobhata

Zala Bobhata Review

The charisma about thespian Dilip Prabhavalkar is that he essays the roles with great realistic touch ever and brings out the story single handedly. Zala Bobhata is another film having this ever green thespian of Marathi cinema in the lead role. Directed by Anup Jagdale, Zala Bobhata is a comedy, surely not free of errors but gives us many moments to laugh and reflect on our own life. Appa, Prabhavalkar, is a villager residing in a village that has many construction projects going on. Inconveniences and hassles galore in the region and a commoner Appa’s reaction to this is what the film portrays. But Appa’s eccentric nature and tactics form the best part of the film as he makes us think we are in a real village amidst real characters.

The Plot : The story revolves around a bunch of characters in a village where Appa is an old fellow. As long as the elections were under way there were brilliant cleaning and improvement projects on the way. The elections are over and the entire village becomes filthy again. One day Appa falls unconscious and lands in the hospital. In a fit of unconsciousness, Appa utters about a woman in the village who is having an extra marital affair. As this news spreads among the villagers, each husband begins to wonder whether the woman is his wife and wants Appa to tell her name. How such a situation brings up the social malice and short comings of our lives is interestingly woven into a gripping script. But if you are expecting something substantial and valuable from the film, you’ll be disappointed as this is not what the film offers.

Performances : Dilip Prabhavalkar has a persona that fits his character of Appa very well. He is good enough to initiate a story and drive it to the climax. But, not being and ordinary man, is quite unpredictable. No other actor could have given this character so much life as Prabhavalkar does. But equal credit goes to other actors who are very vividly portrayed.  Characterization is evidently one of the positives about the film. Actors like Mayuresh Pem, Sanjay Khapre, Bhalchandra Kadam, Kamlesh Sawant, Reena Agarwal, Teja Deokar are equally entertaining and realistic. The film would not have been so much in sync had the characters not had strong chemistry amongst them.

Script and Direction: The Script and Direction are not free from errors but you can say there are more positives than negatives here. Script has been written keeping in mind the mature audience in mind and it is indeed refreshing. The concept catches the audience’s curiosity and keeps them engaged. The direction, by Anup Jagdale, is strong at certain places and falters at certain others.

Final Word: Watch Zala Bobhata if you are a Prabhavalkar fan and like to watch rustic comedy. Nevertheless it is an enjoyable film worth a watch.


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