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YouTube deletes 5.6 million videos from its platform, one-third of which are from India. Here’s why!

YouTube, the world’s leading video streaming platform, has trashed about 5.6 M videos on its platform for not following its community policies. And do you what’s more shocking about this?

Among this, about one-third (1.7 M Videos) have been deleted from India. When the company shared a report of its 2022 third quarter (July to September). It clearly said that  the streaming platform has withdrawn 1.3 and 1.1 million videos from India respectively in the last quarter.

They also removed 73.7 crores of comments

YouTube has eliminated 5.6 million videos from its platform worldwide for breaching the company’s policies. According to the company’s report, 36% of the videos captured by the server were immediately deleted. These videos received no views.

At the same time, 31 percent of the videos had 1 to 10 views. According to the company, approximately 73.7 crore comments have been deleted for violating the guidelines.

Majority of videos deleted from THESE 5 countries

As per statistics, its automated system raised an alert on 99% of the comments, which were then deleted. While 1% of the comments have been removed due to user complaints.

India, Indonesia, America, Brazil, and Russia made the top five in terms of the most videos removed in the third quarter of the year. For 11 consecutive quarters, India has topped the list of countries where videos have been removed from YouTube.

5 M YouTube Channels were also deleted

According to a July-September report from YouTube, the company also removed 5 million channels worldwide. Please be aware that the majority of these channels have been deactivated due to violations of the company’s spam policies.

According to the report, fake material was responsible for the removal of more than 90% of the videos removed from YouTube.

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