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“You are not staying true to your profession,” director Kabir Khan slams film trade analysts!

The Kabir Khan film 83 led by Ranveer Singh failed to set the box office on fire, because of the Covid-19 third wave in the country. Rapidly rising Covid cases in the country led to a shutdown of cinemas and multiplexes in parts of Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. Kabir Khan’s ’83’ movie touched the Rs 100 cr mark at the domestic box office, including all the languages.

Kabir Khan recently spoke with IANS where he stated the reasons behind the film’s collections, misreporting on the part of certain film trade analysts.
Being a mainstream filmmaker is a matter of sheer will and the director has plenty of it, “We made the film and waited for 1.5 years because we were very sure that we wanted people to see it on the big screens. We had designed it for the big screen or the cinema viewing experience.”

Kabir holds a certain section of film trade analysts accountable for reporting the numbers without the context, he stated that, “There has been very unprofessional behavior on the part of certain trade analysts where they are reporting numbers without taking the pandemic into the context. This really surprises me because while reporting something you have to take into account the factors that lead to a situation, if not then you are not staying true to your profession.”

Also, he mentions the situation in the pandemic, he said, “With the threat of pandemic still looming large even after 2 years, it’s impossible to plan with a great degree of accuracy when it comes to the release of films. Unfortunately, the day we released ’83’ was when the explosion of the third wave took place.”

He concluded by saying that as a filmmaker, the audience’s love holds the highest place in his heart.

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