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Yatchan First Week Box Office Collection: Keenly Awaited Response Blasted Tamil Industry


The movie which came out of the box soon after grabbing some mouth publicity in a week finally seems to still for a while in the Box office, yes as the title explores the sense we are depicting about the movie ‘Yatchan’. A movie which took only a week to be in the air, under the directions of Vishnuvardhan the movie was released on 11th September 2015. Featuring some known personalities like Arya, Kreshna, Deepa Sannidhi, Swathi Reddy and last but not the least Thambi Ramaiah the fragrance of the movie got notched by the audience and specially by the fans that took the box office collection with a sparking number. Let’s have a quick overview of the same right here..

Despite by the fact that it will be competing with the mega block buster ‘Bahubali’ which is still seems to be rolling around the globe since so long, but on the other hand ‘Yatchan’s’ movie response can really drag the viewers towards it as far as the initial response is concerned. Though its UN comparable with Bahubali’s collection which was 5.2Crores within just one day but here Arya’s magic worked really hard which grabbed more than 5.51Crores within three days.

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