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Yash Raj Films’ Titli | Official trailer makes a buzz in bollywood

titli movie poster

The long awaited film Titli of yash raj film is finally now set for launch. Yash Raj films recently released the theatrical trailer of the film Titli which has received great reviews suggesting a successful launch of the film. Directed by Kanu Behi, the film Titli is based on very real issues in life comman man’s life and connects the audience with emotions. The film will be part of film festival competition. It will also see the grand launch at 67th Cannes film festival which will be at May 14th this year.

The storyline of Titli is about the strong relationship bond between two brothers. One out of the two brothers runs away from the family to escape from depressing life and later he turns in to the world of crime. Titli is the youngest member of a very violent group of carjacking makers. Titli keeps plotting plans so he can escape from his family business. His struggle for escape faces tough challenges from group brothers who try to settle down titli by marrying him down.

Titli sees a new ally in form of her wife. However soon he realises that her wife is wrapped in hopes of her own big dreams. Thus the couple form a partnership for benefits to achieve their targets and also to escape from the family business roots. However the suspense is that will their escape grant them freedom. Kanu Behi in media statement said the film is all about family and relationships. The journey of actors in this film connects the audience with their own real life situations they face. Overall the film is quite entertaining and filled with great action and exciting story. Being a Yash Raj film you can expect no less.

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