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Yash Raj Films: announces Eid 2016 release with teaser

Yash Raj Films is among the top production companies in Bollywood known to produce the highest number of films in a year in this industry. Though known more for making love and romantic movies, the company also embarks with diverse subjects as well. Unlike every year, the company has its own plan for the next year (2016) as well. This will include the Salman Khan film called Sultan. As Salman Khan is more fond of releasing his film during Eid, hence 2016 will also have his release in the form of Sultan. Yash Raj Film has its own way of announcing the same embarking with a teaser of Sultan. However, the same year, even Shah Rukh Khan has his release during the Eid 2016, which comes in the form of Raees. That makes the heat on the top of everything, when the two popular Khan come out with their own film during the same time. Meanwhile, you better check the teaser and start guessing about the film as under:

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