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Yasemin Ergene

Yasemin ErgeneYasemin Ergene Bio :

Born : 22 January 1985
Age  : 32 years
Birthplace : Hamburg, Germany
Height: 1.74 m
Spouse: İzzet Özilhan (m. 2011)
Children: Emine Özilhan, Ela Özilhan
Siblings: Tamer Ergene, Tahir Ergene

Yasemin Ergene is a Turkish actress working in TV serials and Films. She is known for her work in the serials namely My Coach My, Vizontele Tuuba, Your child has Derdin Var, Game of Love, Doctors. My family will come and many more. She is known for her simple yet powerful acting.

Yasemin is popular among audience for her sweet presence on the screen. She has the capability to fit into her characters with ease and bring up the emotions powerfully in a natural manner. Yasemin has played various characters ranging from teenagers, to independent women and mothers. She has a persona that the common audience can easily relate to.

Yasemin Ergene is German Turkish lady. She was born on 22 January 1985. Her native place is Istanbul where she grew up with her parents and completed her education. She graduated with a degree in PR from Istanbul university. She married her boy friend in 2011. She has two children.

32 years old Yasemin follows her passion of acting in theatres and drama groups. She was encouraged and supported by her parents. She was a brilliant actress since her young school days. Yasemin has, over the years, emerged as a fashionista too.

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