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Yahia Hawwari: A Competent Entrepreneur Fond of Luxury and is Never Scared of Investment in any business

Yahia Hawwari
Yahia Hawwari

Yahia Hawwari is a known businessman who holds his investment in domains like construction, real estate and education. He hails from Jordan and after his early education, he headed to Cyprus for his Bachelor’s program in Computer Engineering. However, he left his UG program in the midst to return to his home country and stayed with his family. He got engaged in his family business to get some exposure before shifting to the United States.

However,  before he headed to the US, he was known for his super-rich lifestyle. He continued with his luxurious lifestyle and soon turned popular among his circle as a young man with good fashion sense and superrich stuff. He has more than 35 luxury watches, which include the Iced-out Rolex with Arabic dial, along with watches with baguettes and flower arrangement. His watch from his Jordanian Royal family signature too was the special one, which attracted too many eyeballs for the same. He knows how to live with a balance in his life.

His two key traits of his personality is his dedication towards his work and a balance towards his life.This makes him a successful businessman as one should know the art of leveraging such attributes in the right order to shape up things the best. His Instagram pages have much to reveal about his personality, zest, and attitude, which he often carries in his circle. One can see glimpses of his priceless boots and watches in his pictures seen over his social media pages.

When it comes to doing any investment in any business, he is never scared of taking risks. He believes in the idea, no guts, no glory. By following this mantra, he is able to bring out good returns in any investment he does in any domain. He has invested in ten single digit license plate numbers. Such types of business ventures are common in the Middle East. However, he had the single digit number ten years before, when it was beyond anyone’s capacity. He has already procured million dollar worth license plate numbers, which are more costlier than his cars.

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