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Yahan Sabki Lagi Hai

Yahan Sabki Lagi HaiYahan Sabki Lagi Hai  2015

Star Cast : Varun Thakur, Eden Shyodhi, Heerok Das. Yoshika Verma,Pavitra Sarkar,sandip Ghosh,Teeshay, Asxem Dlean
Directors : Satavisha Bose, Cyrus Khambata
Release Date : 27 Mar 2015

Plot : Yahan Sabki Lagi Hai is a forthcoming Bollywood romantic drama that is scheduled to be released this 27th March 2015. The movie has been directed by Cyrus Khambata and Satavisha Bose. The lead casts are Eden Shyodhi, Heerok Das and Varun Thakur.

It is considered to be a multi-lingual film and an allegory on journey of life. This is especially during times, then a person tends to feel shortchanged or victimized. The movie is set in the background of the Indian-English speaking youth in the urban areas. The movie looks at a way that people are known to live casually in the class system that is built upon blatant economy and social disparities, the very way that people are eager to get fooled by the belief systems. The same way that one validates their tastes and is very protective of it. By exploring counter point for each point, this movie is said to subtly question not just the material value system, but the emotional value system also. The movie is rather comedy at heart, however, also has melancholic after taste that borders on philosophical, thereby providing thought in regards to the present conditions and times.

Having a title that sounds quirky, one can easily predict as to what type of content this movie might have. The trailer is really interesting and has been enjoyed by those who have viewed it. Being laden with dark vices and titillating pleasures, the story does look relentlessly idiosyncratic. At a time, when experimental small films have being making a surprise, this movie tends to explore the different faces of life along with the human psyche.

Much is anticipated by the entire team about the overall outcome of the movie. But it is only time that would state as to how this movie fares at the box office and the reaction of the audience.

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