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The Xpose Movie Review

The Xpose

This week, The Xpose was the only movie, which hit the entertaining world. The cast of Xpose include Himesh Reshammiya, Zoya Afroz, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Ananth Mahadevan, Irrfan Khan, Sonali Raut, Jesse Randhawa, Bharat Dhabolkar and Rajesh Sharma. The director of the movie is Ananth Mahadevan, while the movie deals the 60’s theme showcasing the glittering world of Bombay immersed in glamour and party and suddenly the glamour girl is seen entering into the world of death. Howver, the Xpose seems to be written and drafted in a poor manner. It was the time of telegram style reporting, while the city and the tinsel town seems the same speedy, racy and cheesy as the mystery of the movie is unlocked. Ut at the end, you can find the movie getting dragged in a different way. To an extent, you can find entertainment in Xpose

Himesh Reshammiya although known for trying his trademark peaked cap but here is seen with full head of hair as he plays the character of Ravi Kumar. He is known as a super cop of the past but is suspended at the moment as he catches up the Bombay movies. The two starlets in the movie called as Zara and Chandni being played by Zoya and Sonali are seen trying to get his attention for some other guy. There you can find the scarcely talented singer Yo Yo Honey Singh seen moving over the older woman known as Randhawa. Every actor in the movie especially the novices are seen struggling, while Yo Yo who is seen making his debut acting in Bollywood tries to showcase certain innocence in his character but at the last is the victim of duplicity and greed of his character. Though he is not playing the character of villain but can be known as a man in negative character with unquenchable appetites.

The movie is successful enough to take up certain swipes as per the believing world. You can find emotions like envy, rivalry, intrigue, murder and suspense in the very same way it was shown with the malasa of 60’s as coming up like glinting and winking of eyes. The machinations in the movie seems coming out somehow by the director of this entertainment world. You may find a couple of hot and razzle and dazzle stuff in the movie like the Zoya is seen coming out in a hot bikini, which you may certainly fail to see in the movies of 60’s for sure. In nutshell, the suspense movie can be called as bouncy, bright, credible and entertaining in some way or the other.

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