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Wow! Sunny Leone adopts a baby girl

sunny leone

Sunny Leone who is often famous for all bad news seems to be trending for a good thing. As per the latest buzz, the former porn star and her husband Daniel Webber have adopted a cute little baby girl called Nisha from a small place called Latur in MS State. Sunny in fact had given a hint while she was doing an interview with a magazine recently and that she would get a child on her either by adoption or surrogacy, well, she was soon seen taking a adoption path.

She was giving an interview to a national daily when she talked about parenthood. She said as soon as she saw the picture of the small girl called Nisha she got so excited and had an emotional connect with the kid that made her feel very different for the first time leading this adoption. She said she had just three weeks to decide upon such things and hence was quick was to do while she said people have to wait nine long months to get the same.

She further said that her life have been so crazy and that there is no time for them hence getting a child in just three weeks is a big achievement for her and her husband. Now, she is gearing up for the paperwork, which has to be completed soon to make the baby their legal heir. She said she got an email about a child as per their requirements and she was quick to decide about the same. She said though she has applied two years before but not getting time to make things done on the right time. However, her recent communication with the orphanage made things in her favor and things worked. So, what do you think about this sweet gesture from the former porn star, do let us know about this post and others.

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