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Worst than Horrible: ABCD 2 Star Nilesh Nirbhavane Confessed For Gang Rape

Nilesh Nirbhavane

Is there a presence of ‘Humanity’ in this world? Or is it like some horrible people have crossed there limits and have forgotten the importance of Humanity!!. I know these statements are actually worst but believe me guys, the one who actually deserves worst than this is none other than a well known star who was recently seen in the latest release of ABCD2 which was featuring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor as leading stars. Indeed, you’re right as the title depicts he’s none other than Nilesh Nirbhavne, who’s now a victim for rapping an innocent mentally challenged girl. Can’t believe it right? But, yes it’s a bitter truth that Nilesh along with his friends have done a ‘Gang-Rape’ of a mentally challenged girl. I know this actually feels like hatred like anything, check how it happened..

Nilesh, who’s a dancer by profession and have been training some students since long but now he’s been arrested by the Pant Nagar Police on 26th June and by the day itself he confessed his crime. As per the sources – He along with his two friends had been raping the girl repeatedly for a month in isolated places and sometimes in public toilets as well. But, soon the girl’s teacher observed that she had been behaving abnormally since few days but till that time it was too late and when the teacher questioned her, she found that the innocent was being abused sexually by three boys. Without wasting anytime the she informed her parents about the same who filed a complaint against the three at Pant Nagar Police station on 25th June itself. There after police grabbed Nilesh but unfortunately the other two victims are yet to be grabbed, the police is still hunting for them.

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